Organizational Resilience

From lunchtime talks to executive workshops, R1 helps your team combat stress and build personal resilience and organizational strength.

Proven Pathways and New Frontiers

The R1 team is committed to whole stack wellness – every layer of the person, every level of the organization.

The same good ideas and best practices sustain constant cycles of performance and recovery that help drive better days and bolder business outcomes.

From popular offerings around mindfulness and yoga to advanced change management and transformation, Resilient 1 is committed to making each engagement matter.

Powerful ideas, practical results

Our faculty network brings a diverse expertise and broad diversity to our collective. This means the very best of old and new, East and West, all adding up to radical new ways to measurably boost personal and organizational development.


Whole stack wellness – body, mind, emotion, spirit


Holistic approach to body wellness focused on longevity and adaptivity


Something for every performance level

A focus on flexibility

Our network design background teaches us that systems must adapt to survive, and we do the same. We co-create wellness programs and lifestyle design experiments that fit how and where you work, optimized for your unique workforce goals.


From short programs to multi-day engagements


Tracks specifically tailored to unique workforce and organizational demands


Accessible, open ideas designed for easy integration

New perspectives on a changing world

We ground everything we do in practical results – but we’re also committed to fearlessly exploring new frontiers and collaborating with providers and practitioners who expand our constantly evolving network.


Experts in everything from nutrition to personal network design


Proven, passionate advocates for a better world


Demonstrated success with organizations of all shapes and sizes

Corporate Resilience Series: Resilience @Work

From lunchtime talks to executive workshops, our Corporate Resilience Series delivers to any team, any time, any place.

We have named our Corporate Resilience Series Resilience @Work.

Whether you choose a 90-minute workshop or a deeper learning experience with our experts for longer, our resilience approach does deliver to any workplace, any team, any schedule. It’s a perfect solution for regrouping and refreshing as a team activity, as a daily exercise, or monthly event.



Boost team productivity and engagement



Get tools to manage stress, anxiety, and conflict in real time



Build happier people, stronger teams, and more successful businesses

Championship Teams Workshop

(90 Minutes)

A flexible, office-friendly workshop built around proven techniques for refreshing and getting centered mentally inside the busy work day — no corporate retreats required.

  • Understanding how stress quietly starts and spreads

  • Learn a 20-minute strategy for rest, recovery, and balance inside the work day at your desk

  • Easy to experience and enjoy, a customized, office-friendly set of techniques that can be done at your desks

  • Empower teams to cope with the challenges that permeate all of work and life

Embrace and Supercharge Your Teamwork

Effective collaboration begins with trust. Trust must be present for team members to harness cognitive and other types of diversity because if a team’s members aren’t open to anothers different way of thinking, disagreeing with others and being “different” can be isolating.

Team members must recognize that their differences make it possible for them to solve a wider range of problems with greater ease. These differences also naturally stimulate debate, which can be quite passionate. But with trust and understanding, the debate is about the issues and never about the person or personal and what appears to be a conflict from an outsider’s perspective, is actually the harnessing of diverse perspectives and experiences.

  • Embrace and supercharge your teamwork

  • Ensure and maximize your team culture

  • Actionable approaches to people problems for teams

  • Leverage strengths: a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® workshop.

  • Amp up performance teamwork

Embrace and Supercharge Your Leadership Style

Do you lead, manage, or collaborate? If so, this program is for you.

Learn whether you are an Asserter, Achiever, or Affirmer and, more importantly, what those categories mean for your everyday leadership style, your ability to operate under stress, and your impact on team and organizational culture as well as the impact of your style under stress.

Learn the nine attributes of “actualized” leaders, people who effectively manage their stress and are consequently more resilient and less reactive and have more willing followers. And, learn how to supercharge your leadership by improving your use of the nine attributes so you are more self-actualized, and consequently a better leader.

  • Embrace and supercharge your leadership style

  • Uncover the leader within: a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Workshop

  • Amp up your leadership by leveraging strengths

  • Amp up performance with Arudia coaching skills

  • Improve your culture, collaboration, and communication with Win-Win conversations

  • Actionable approaches to people problems for Leaders and Managers

Cards Against Burnout!

Cards Against Burnout is a party game for people who want to make a difference. Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Burnout is as hilarious and disruptive as you and your colleagues.

This session focuses on combating burnout through the greater self-awareness via the Actualized Leadership Framework. While improving self-actualization can be both disturbing and disruptive, the upside is that such improvement means living to your fullest potential, being more resilient and less reactive, and having more willing followers and collaborators because you are an island of calm in a sea of triggers. That’s right, another upside of improving your resilience is that colleagues are less stressed and are less likely to burnout. Learn your leadership style, corresponding motive need, how to acquire the nine attributes of actualized leaders, and how to improve your self-actualization so that your “shadow” isn’t driving your behavior, and you and your colleagues into stress. Come and laugh and learn at the same time! Want to get started now? Take a minute to complete the free short-form version

Upgrading Your Operating System: Becoming an Adaptive Leader

Our work with leadership and teams up-levels their “operating systems” (“OS”) so that they are able to see, create, and take advantage of big opportunities. Leaders and teams become more adaptive and self-actualized, meaning that they profoundly lead, transforming the fears surrounding the inevitable change into clarity of purpose, and catalyzing team members to embrace heretofore inconceivable opportunities for growth and innovation. We use the Actualized Leader Profile and Actualized Team Profile as the foundation for the metamorphose of your team into adaptive leaders.

Once your team supercharges its leadership, it’s time to transform the organization. We provide feedback based on team and community interviews, which lays the foundation for mining and generating opportunities in each community and then end with creating an opportunity timeline, including necessarily steps.


Coherence and HeartMath technology is a scientifically proven way to leverage the heart-head connection to build both individual and team coherence, transforming personal energy into a collective drive toward new possibility.

  • Boost focus and performance through deep recovery on the spot, even in the face of unbelievable stress

  • Quick and easy to learn and leverage

  • Used by the world’s most elite sports and military organizations

  • Absolutely interesting and exciting for a two-hour team event

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