How Championship Teams Work


We’ve identified five core traits of a Championship Team.

We call them the Five Fundamentals:

  • Transformational Thinking

  • Deep Listening

  • Creative Speaking

  • Resolving Disruptions

  • Shared Vision

While meeting deadlines, goals and KPIs are critical, they’re only one side of the coin. Championship Teams reach beyond these simple measures to recognize that how you get to the finish line is as important as reaching it.

Cultivating these traits drives team performance with less thrash and fewer unresolved breakdowns. Employees develop shared values and vision, resulting in a deep sense of personal fulfillment and team commitment.


Within the Context of Success

Success is no longer simply a factor of producing results but rather relies on creating a virtuous cycle between fulfillment and those results.

Working in citrus cycles create better outcomes over the course of time.

Workshop Benefits

Business benefits

  • Increase employee retention

  • More effective meetings

  • Increase employee engagement

  • Better team performance

  • Faster team alignment

  • Better team communications


Team Benefits

  • Fewer team breakdowns

  • Faster team breakthroughs

  • Better team rating scores

  • Clearer team vision

  • Common team language

What To Expect From The Workshop

course objectives

  • Create an enhanced environment in which your team experiences better results and more fulfillment

  • Create a new relationship to one another and a deeper bond as a team

  • Give new communication tools to enable more effective teaming

  • Help align your team behind a common vision

What to expect

  • Workshop is delivered over two days, 8 hours per day

  • Hands-on and interactive

  • Reflection about personal life and professional life

  • Creation of a deep sense of team

What People Are Saying About The Workshop

Course Components

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