Resilient Mind, Resilient TeamWorkshop
(90 Minutes)

A flexible, office-friendly workshop built around proven techniques for refreshing and getting centered mentally inside the busy work day — no corporate retreats required.

  • Understanding how stress quietly starts and spreads

  • Learn a 20-minute strategy for rest, recovery, and balance inside the work day at your desk

  • Easy to experience and enjoy, a customized, office-friendly set of techniques that can be done at your desks

  • Empower teams to cope with the challenges that permeate all of work and life


Biofeedback Workshop
(2 Hours)

Coherence and HeartMath technology is a scientifically proven way to leverage the heart-head connection to build both individual and team coherence, transforming personal energy into a collective drive toward new possibility.

  • Boost focus and performance through deep recovery on the spot, even in the face of unbelievable stress

  • Quick and easy to learn and leverage

  • Used by the world’s most elite sports and military organizations

  • Absolutely interesting and exciting for a short team event


Integral Leadership and Personal Network Design
(4-8 hours)

Our Integral Leadership and Personal Network Design workshop looks at the fascinating integral development framework, a unified vision of both personal and global transformation with enormous potential for creating lasting change. This workshop unveils various communications levels and motivations, discusses different communication approaches, and instructs how to strengthen interpersonal skills.

  • A unified vision of personal and universal developmental journey from simple to complex, basic understandings to more transcendent concepts

  • Identifying and solving the constraints to achieving next-level consciousness and effectiveness

  • Turning change into a comprehensive competitive advantage

  • Teams will have a deeper understanding of how they interact with each other and introspect their own emotional state

  • Helps improve interpersonal communications skills at work


Champion Teams Workshop
(2 days)

This workshop looks at six powerful fundamentals of champion teams — the lifeline of resilient teams and businesses.

  • Proven ways to listen, learn, and share to empower being respectful and resilience

  • Perspective management

  • Empathetic negotiating for stronger outcomes

  • The importance of context and compassion

This two-day workshop is perfect for businesses looking to take that next leap in growth and are committed to thinking and operating in innovative ways. Through this workshop, we will unlock your leadership team’s full potential.

We will address how to build upon a successful business strategy, nurture exponential growth, drive leadership alignment, establish repeatable processes, develop a strong set of leaders, and win in a competitive marketplace. These fundamentals ensure teams are operating at peak performance.

Let our experts help your leadership team strengthen the foundation of your organization and provide strategies that will see you though multiples phases of business growth.