Proven Pathways and New Frontiers


The R1 Team is committed to whole stack wellness – every layer of the person, every level
of the organization. 


The same good ideas and best practices sustain constant cycles of performance and recovery that help drive better days
and bolder business outcomes. From popular offerings around mindfulness and yoga to advanced change
management and transformation, Resilient 1 is committed to making each engagement matter.

Powerful ideas, practical results

Our faculty network brings a diverse expertise and broad diversity to our collective. This means the very best of old and new, East and West, all adding up to radical new ways to measurably boost personal and organizational development.

  • Whole stack wellness – body, mind, emotion, spirit
  • Holistic approach to body wellness focused on longevity and adaptivity
  • Something for every performance level

A focus on flexibility

Our network design background teaches us that systems must adapt to survive, and we do the same.  We co-create wellness programs and lifestyle design experiments that fit how and where you work, optimized for your unique workforce goals.

  • From short programs to multi-day engagements
  • Tracks specifically tailored to unique workforce and organizational demands
  • Accessible, open ideas designed for easy integration

New perspectives on a changing world

We ground everything we do in practical results – but we’re also committed to fearlessly exploring new frontiers and collaborating with providers and practitioners who expand our constantly evolving network.

  • Experts in everything from nutrition to personal network design
  • Proven, passionate advocates for a better world
  • Demonstrated success with organizations of all shapes and sizes