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Resilient 1 Leadership Team

Our leadership team is committed to creating sustained health, happiness, and high performance.


Kala M. Ranganathan


A native of Singapore, who calls Austin, Texas, her home, Kala M. Ranganathan is a successful high-tech marketing and communications executive with 20 years of experience.  She has worked in high-demand work environments her entire life with large global entities such as Dell and Rackspace to smaller, nimble startups that enjoyed successful IPOs or acquisitions.  Since her youth, Kala has always defined herself by a passion for balance, wellness and mindfulness driven by Yogic and Ayurvedic principles, and is inspired to help share their very real benefits for people in and out of the workplace.

Some of her industry recognitions include Power 100, 2013 by CRN, 2012 & 2011 Channel Women of the Year by CRN, IAH Award (PartnerDirect’s Take Your Own Path), and the International Davey Award (Gold category for Dell “Tech Two” Virtualization campaign). Other recognition includes Marketing ComputersMagazine’s Icon award sponsored by Business Week.

She is a certified Yoga and meditation instructor. Her philosophy is “healthy minds, happy lives.” She also completed an introductory course in Ayurveda, Food as Medicine.  Her goal is to share her findings on that important balance between the corporate environment and the individual self.

Bob Gutermuth Profile.jpg

Bob Gutermuth


Recognized by Business-to-Business Magazine as one of the top fifteen Direct Marketers in the United States, Bob Gutermuth founded Austin’s The Dialog Group in 2005 with a disruptive model that combined top tier consulting together with digital agency execution.  Prior to founding Dialog, Bob was a marketing executive at Dell during a 14 year world-record breaking period in which he helped to drive the company from roughly $250 million in revenues to over $50 billion. Bob is also co-author with former Landmark Director Perch Ducote, of The Six Fundamentals of Building Championship Teams, the companion book to the two-day workshop that has been taught for the past two years at the Oxford Global Leadership program and to organizations of all shapes and sizes.


Mark de L. Thompson


Mark is what many today would call a Flow Hacker of individual and organizational performance. He has been a strategist at the Boston Consulting Group, an executive at leading corporations including Microsoft as well as CEO of a Carlyle Group portfolio company. As Chief Marketing officer for the Danish national telecom, Mark was one of a team of a dozen expats who turned a $4 billion stake into $10 billion. Heralded as one of the top 15 direct marketers in North America, Mark successfully lead Dell’s small and medium business unit to a doubling of share while reducing marketing cost per unit sold by 50%. As such he has some understanding of what high achieving organizational performance looks like. 

Mark, a resilience enthusiast and taji (tai chi) instructor for two decades, has been on the trail of what the Chinese call Wu-wei or “effortless effort” and embodied cognition for 35 years.* See some of Mark’s commentary on the subject here.  

Mark is a facilitator in Zen Master Genpo Roshi’s BigMind process which offers a means of accelerating the benefits of meditation and one of a handful of senior students who have trained with internationally recognized Dr Zhang for more than 15 years in Qi Gong.  Mark now seeks to share these embodied cognition keys to health, happiness and sustained high performance with a broader audience.

*Mark brings more than 35 years of study with the Zheng Man Ching’s* senior students in Taiwan and America. Zheng man Ching is widely considered to be the fountainhead of Tai chi in the west.


A Comprehensive Resilience Faculty

We are passionate pioneers, illuminating old maps with new lamps, staking out a wider, more confident path to strengthening personal and organizational resilience. A broad, cross-discipline approach encourages innovation and collaboration as experts work together to create new lifestyle design standards.


Julie Hutchinson
R1 Faculty, Coherence Consultant
and Expert

Drawing on more than two decades of high-performance sales success, a decade studying resilience and emotional well-being, and her insights as a certified HeartMath trainer, Julie Hutchinson uses a data-backed, three-tier training method to increase performance while minimizing burnout.


Dr. Don Zhang
R1, Healthcare

A doctor of Oriental Medicine and acupuncture, Dr. Zhang is the founder of several diagnosis and treatment methods, as well as the founder of Intended Evolution Theory and the Intended Evolution Theory Fitness Practice. He is the lead author of Intended Evolution and the newly released Healthspan: A Functional Guide to Living Long and Dying Young.

Dr. Ann Shippy, M.D.
R1, Healthcare

Certified in both Internal Medicine and Functional Medicine, Dr. Shippy is a doctor, scientist and engineer who focuses on leading-edge research to improve individual health. She is the author of Shippy Paleo Essentials and Mold Toxicity Workbook, as well as the founder of the Good Food Matterz Foundation and the Toxicity Matters Foundation.