Why Choose R1

R1 wellness experts are committed to resilience as a foundation for individual health, organizational strength, and sustained high performance.

Why The Resilient 1

We are a team of wellness experts and personal network designers committed to resilience as a foundation for individual health, collective satisfaction, and sustained high performance. Our workshops and products are created to help move diverse organizations towards a common goal: the strength and confidence to face whatever comes next.

  • The very best of proven science and spiritual traditions made practical and accessible

  • Results-driven approach that solves strategic problems one person at a time

  • A commitment to customized offerings that meet your unique need

We are extremely passionate about creating practical ways to bring balance and stress management to the workplace.

By combining modern network science, practical integral theory, and time-tested ancient wisdom traditions, we bring reliable resilience to people, teams, and organizations, building sustainable strength from the bottom up.

Our community is built around a three-way conversation between these disciplines, from which all our products and services emerge.

A Passion for the Proven

R1 was created to help people, teams, and organizations do the impossible: prepare for the unknown. This demands the art of adaptivity, enabling people to sense change and react accordingly, learning and growing through each challenge. The military understands this, which is why specialized forces like U.S. Navy Seals have become indispensable to modern warfare, where battlefields and their environments are constantly evolving.

Compared to real combat, modern business is safer but equally complex. This means leadership and teams must be ready for a steady stream of ceaseless, complicated change, working to align their entire organizations around new priorities. These new progressive leaders will dictate the future, enabling their business to draw on personal resilience to create organizational strength. Resilient 1 can help illuminate those paths.

Practical and Accessible

Our approach is also practical because our solutions help find that balance in daily work or home environments without making dramatic changes to any lifestyle. We work hard to make sure everything we deliver is built to be complete, concise, and time-efficient.

For the individual, the results are obvious: health, satisfaction, and performance. For organizations though, the results are equally compelling, even where they appear indirect.

  • Cost of illness and outage: $300B a year

  • The workplace is the #1 source of stress, and 40% of workers want help 

  • Without help, unhappy workers are at least 10% less effective