Fit-150 Fitness

Intended Evolution Fitness based on

Dr. Zhang’s Theory of Intended Evolution

Cutting Edge Mind-Body Fitness

 Fit-150® is a fitness system designed to keep all your bodily functions healthy and strong well past 100. What Fit-150 offers is a path to maximize not lifespan, but healthspan — the number of years for which one can be a high-functioning individual enjoying time with loved ones and contributing to society.

Fit-150 is the only fitness program with interventions specifically designed to address the causes of today’s health challenges. It is a complete practice which goes beyond typical Western preventative factors like cardio or core fitness — to address eyes, teeth, mental acuity, sexual function and more.

This program consists of visualization, exercise, and intention derived from the combination of traditional eastern health practices and modern medical science. A longer healthspan begins with feeling better now. Experience results whose effects resonate today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

 A Complete Longevity System 


Feel like the best version of yourself
  • A comprehensive roadmap & toolkit for sustained health and well being

  • Baseline tests help you know where to focus and how you’re tracking

  • A system aimed at detecting, preventing, and reversing decline in specific body systems



Simple & Immediate
  • A unique blend of exercise, meditation, and visualization
  • Access immediate state changes 
  • Refresh & reinvigorate in one minute


Fits any Age & Lifestyle
  • Can be constructed to fit in any schedule and fitness level
  • Modular structure adaptable to any condition specific ailments
  • Experience incredible returns for short investments of time

Based on the Ancient Practice of Qi Gong

Qi Gong, or life energy cultivation, is a centuries-old system of coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial-arts training. Qi Gong is energy and breath work which utilizes traditional Chinese medical theory to guide energy into acupuncture or meridian channels to support specific bodily systems.

In studies, Qi Gong has been shown to increase bone density, reduce inflammation, decrease anxiety, and lower blood pressure. Dr. Zhang’s Fit-150 leverages a master’s understanding of Qi Gong combined with decades of medical practice and modern scientific theory to deliver a convenient, comprehensive answer to modern health challenges. 

Modern problems solved by age-old Wisdom

Today we are no longer threatened by the traditional health challenges of scarcity like malnutrition and infectious disease. We increasingly find ourselves struggling to maintain health and resilience in the face of high stress, sedentary lifestyles and artificial environments from office lighting, toxic chemicals, and digital screens.

Fit-150 is a fitness program specifically tailored to address modern work patterns and health threats. It can be practiced intermittently throughout the day — between Zoom meetings — without the need for rigorous exercise and subsequent sweating and showering.

It is designed to address problems that modern exercise culture doesn’t even begin to touch on, including function of the liver, eyes, teeth, metabolism, and more. This moderate exercise is perfect for maintaining your health as you age.


 Includes a free copy of Dr. Zhang’s ‘Healthspan’ or ‘Intended Evolution’



Course Overview


Exercises which increase function in specific areas including vision, hearing, teeth, mental acuity, detoxification, and more.


Nurtures flexibility in the mind and body with softness at the core that creates strength from the inside-out


Balance along every layer. Increased capabilities and function in physical, emotional, and metabolic balance

Mind, Breath, and Qi

Meditations and visualizations designed to anchor on positive emotional states that harmonize with specific organs and bodily functions

“I had been diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes about a year ago and that’s when I began to get
serious about my health. The diabetic measure that they use is called A1C – 6.5% or higher is
operationally defined as type 2 diabetes. My blood measures were in the 7’s and the last one in
March was 7.2 and the one in July was down to 6.5 and the most recent measure is 5.9. They
say that type 2 diabetes is controlled with diet but I know the full story – that it is a lot more
than diet that it is controlling it because it is the practices in Fit-150® as well as my diet ….. I
also lost 38 pounds and reduced my bad cholesterol level by over 50%.”

Walter W.

Fairfield, IA, Vietnam War Veteran

Are you ready to maximize your healthspan?

What Fit-150 customers have to say

Great Idea

“To the point of visualizing a positive future state—I grew up close with my paternal grandparents.  Most of my life, they spoke of retirement.  When the day came, they celebrated by redoing their home and enjoying a slower pace schedule.  They spoke of the final decade that they would live out together….when the decade came and went, they got more and more depressed and restless.

They lost their way, before they lost their mind or body. They spent most days, “waiting” for the call to die.  They bought into the story that you retired, had a decade, then would pass on… It just was not in the cards for their genetic make-up. Had they known to visualize a future, I fully believe they would have lived stronger and longer. 

Thanks for giving me a new lens to see possibilities for my own future.”

Unique, Effective, and Fun

“This program is  unique and enjoyable. It is very professionally done and really fun to do! This is a wonderful opportunity to improve your overall health in a way that does not strain your body or mind.

For those of you who love meditations, there are very powerful ones in this program. And for those of you who love movement, you’ll enjoy lots of that as well, done in a way that keeps the body/mind in a state of happiness. I really highly recommend this, and can see that many people will benefit from experiencing it!

Thank you to those who made this a reality!”