Fit-150 Longevity Blueprint

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Create a Longevity Mindset

Free your mind from limiting beliefs on what it means to age. Unlock your body’s own plan for longevity with a blueprint built on time-tested wisdom and modern scientific thinking.

    The importance of a Longevity Mindset

    Studies show that your attitude and perception on aging are directly correlated with health, fitness, and longevity. As the Mayo Clinic put it, “Mind and body are linked, and attitude has an impact on the final outcome — death”.

    • Resilience has been linked to a 43% greater likelyhood of becoming a centenarian.
    • Optimism has been linked to  longer life span independently of socioeconomic status, health conditions, depression, social integration, and health behaviors.
    • Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that a poor image of one’s health — regardless of other risk factors — roughly doubled the risk of death within five years. In fact, a pessimistic outlook proved to be deadlier than congestive heart failure or smoking 50 or more packs of cigarettes every year.

    We are programmed to believe that aging is synonymous with decline

    The good news is that we were designed for so much more, and the longevity blueprint course can help you see new possibilities. By empowering our own natural healing abilities, we can follow the body’s own blueprint for Longevity. Patients and students who have worked with Dr. Zhang for decades have found his methods to be truly remarkable. We put together this course to share these gifts with a larger audience. We’re confident it will make a transformational difference in your daily life and overall longevity.


    The Restorative Power of Intention

    Darwin himself said that natural selection was the “primary but not the sole means” by which evolution moves forward. The longevity blueprint course was created by a globally recognized Dr. Zhang of traditional Chinese medicine and is based on his theory of intended evolution. Intention and conscious challenge are framed as drivers of adaptation that can be harnessed to maximizes health and longevity.

    Little thought is put into attitudes effects on longevity even though it outweighs commonly thought of mortality factors. The Longevity Blueprint brings about health and longevity through a series of mindful cognitive re-framings — harnessing the power of positive attitude and intent to live better, longer.

    A Longevity Plan
    • Free your mind from limiting beliefs on what it means to age
    • Harness intention & purpose for sustained health and hapiness
    • Create a detailed blueprint and timeline
    Reframes Existing Habits
    • Reframe existing daily habits for maximum return
    • Reduce wear & tear and increase effectiveness by aligning exercise with evolutionary context and purpose
    • Turbocharge activities with motivation stacking
    Synergizes with Fit-150 Fitness
    • Works with Dr. Zhang’s longevity fitness program Fit-150 to target specific organs and functions
    • Grow your accountability with a buddy system
    • Scale your motivation and knowledge with  shared challenge journeys

    Course Bundle Details

    This Longevity Blueprint Course is designed for students with diverse learning strengths and lifestyle goals. Through a combination of reading materials, videos, meditations, and live Q&A, students are guided through a Longevity Blueprint process that offers both a promise and plan. An expert mix of course materials ensures students of any learning strength or lifestyle can get engaged, educated, and inspired.

    Fit-150 Longevity Blueprint

    On-demand video modules

    To help reinforce and apply longevity principles, this offering includes:

    • Audio Longevity & preparatory meditation
    • Fit-150 Longevity Blueprint Workbook (downloadable)
    • Invitation to Live Q&A with Bob Zhang
    • Invitation to community page of like-minded individuals for nurturing longevity mindset
    • Free copy of HealthSpan by Dr. Dongxun and Bob Zhang (hard copy book)
    1. Introduction

    Introduction by Mark Thompson and overview of the course

    2. The Benefits

    Why live longer? Why the Longevity Blueprint?

    3. How it Works

    Picking up signals, chemical cascades, and the power of visualization

    4. Overcoming the primary obstacle

    Perception, Purpose, and Adaptive Challenges

    5. The Longevity Meditation

    Free your mind from limiting beliefs on what it means to age

    6. Creating Your Longevity Blueprint

    Reflecting on meditation and the Longevity Timeline

    7. A Longevity Fitness System

    Structuring your day for longevity. Modern health threats.

    Introduction to Fit-150 Intended Evolution Fitness

    Are you ready to maximize your healthspan?

    What Fit-150 customers have to say

    Visualizing a Positive Future State

    “I grew up close with my paternal grandparents.  Most of my life, they spoke of retirement.  When the day came, they celebrated by redoing their home and enjoying a slower pace schedule.  They spoke of the final decade that they would live out together….when the decade came and went, they got more and more depressed and restless. They lost their way, before they lost their mind or body. They spent most days, “waiting” for the call to die.  They bought into the story that you retired, had a decade, then would pass on (hopefully peacefully)…it just was not in the card for their genetic make-up. Had they known to visualize a future, I fully believe they would have lived stronger and longer.  Thanks for giving me a new lens to see possibilities for my own future, and my husband’s too.”

    Unique, Effective, and Fun

    This program is so very unique and enjoyable. It is very professionally done and really fun to do! This is a wonderful opportunity to improve your overall health in a way that does not strain your body or mind. For those of you who love meditations, there are several very powerful ones in this program. And for those of you who love movement, you’ll enjoy lots of that as well, done in a way that keeps the body/mind in a state of happiness. I really highly recommend this and can see that many people will benefit from experiencing it! Thank you to those who made this a reality!

    Are you ready to maximize your healthspan?