Resilience is the future

When life pushes, resilience helps you push back

What is Resilience?

Resilience is more than the ability to survive. When change or challenge comes, resilience enables you to weather the storm, gain wisdom from it, and come back stronger and smarter than before. This means resilience is about more than hanging on but gaining strength through adversity.

But resilience also matters when things don’t go wrong. Even in an era that can feel continuously marked by disruption and disaster, most of us still have lots of normal good enough days. Here, resilience helps us find our own strengths, fine-tune our own habits, and flex the physical and emotional muscles we need to survive the marathon that is life.

This is why nurturing resilience is important. Because on good days it helps you be your best. And when you inevitably face challenges and you will that resilience helps you not only overcome but gain advantage.

Why is resilience important?

We see resilience everywhere in adaptive systems, and we can learn from it. This means the human body, natural ecosystems, and the universe itself is guided by the same principles. And, even better, we can learn from those ideas.


Resilience isn’t just about physical fitness. It encompasses the whole person, including spiritual, emotional, and mental wellbeing.


Resilience works for people. But it’s also an essential dynamic and discipline for teams and organizations. The same principles and practices for personal resilience also drive organizational resilience.


Resilience is driven by science. Study after study give us clarity around how we can create and elevate practices that help optimize our mind, body, and spirit for resilience. No matter your faith or philosophy, resilience works.

Life might not come with a map.

The road forward is always filled with twists, turns, and delays. By focusing on resilience, we can create the cycles of performance and recovery that ensure we not only reach out destination but enjoy the journey. And, most importantly, we have the energy and enthusiasm left to accomplish what we set out to do.