Championship Teams Workshop

Today’s hyper-competitive and fast-moving world requires teams that are high performing on all levels — leaning into challenges, working in effective ways, and delivering powerful results.

“We’ve found patterns of communications to be the most important predictor of a team’s success. Those patterns were as significant as all other factors — intelligence, personality, talent — combined.”

Alex Pentland, MIT Media Labs


What is a Championship Team?
How Championship Teams Work
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What is a Championship Team?

In the old way of doing business, the bottom line reigned supreme. Little, if any, attention was paid to company culture or employee happiness. But in today’s competitive environment, business leaders recognize that engaged employees are the key to higher productivity and better outcomes. Companies can no longer rely on merely giving what we call 1st Incomes — incentives based on financials alone. They must also provide 2nd Incomes — giving employees the tools to thrive emotionally, physically and personally.

Championship Teams are built on a culture of accomplishment. They deliver winning business results while providing members with a sense of personal and professional purpose. Championship Teams thrive on clear communication. They attract and retain talent. They report high levels of personal satisfaction, achieving greater breakthroughs with fewer breakdowns.

How Championship Teams Work

While meeting deadlines, goals and KPIs are critical, they’re only one side of the coin. Championship Teams reach beyond these simple measures to recognize that how you get to the finish line is as important as reaching it.

We’ve identified five core traits of a Championship Team. We call them the Five Fundamentals:

  • Transformational Thinking
  • Deep Listening
  • Creative Speaking
  • Resolving Disruptions
  • Shared Vision

Cultivating these traits drives team performance with less thrash and fewer unresolved breakdowns. Employees develop shared values and vision, resulting in a deep sense of personal fulfillment and team commitment.

Within the context of success

Success is no longer simply a factor of producing results but rather relies on creating a virtuous cycle between fulfillment and those results.

Working in virtuous cycles create better outcomes over the course of time.

Why Championship Teams Matter

We have entered what the World Economic Forum has coined the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Network Age. The primary way that businesses will grow going forward is through interconnectedness and relationships. Today’s workplace requires Championship Teams that are quick and adaptive.

According to a research project conducted by MIT and printed in the Harvard Business Review, “data showed that the most important predictor of a team’s success was its communication patterns. Those patterns were as significant as all other factors—intelligence, personality, talent— combined.*

Being able to communicate effectively within teams and across organizations and ecosystems is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

*The New Science of Building Teams, Alex Pentland, HBR, 4/2012

Do you have a Championship team?

  • Does your team have a “we are all in this together mentality?”
  • Is your team aligned on a clear vision?
  • Do your team members see their personal vision inside the team vision?
  • Do your team members understand each other’s values?
  • Do your team members recognize and resolve upsets quickly and effectively?
  • Does your team foster an environment of fulfillment and accomplishment, not just meeting goals?

Workshop Benefits

Team Benefits

  • Fewer team breakdowns
  • Faster team breakthroughs
  • Better team rating scores
  • Clearer team vision
  • Common team language

Business Benefits

  • Increase employee retention
  • More effective meetings
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Better team performance
  • Faster team alignment
  • Better team communications

What to expect from this workshop

What to expect

  • The workshop is delivered over two days, 8 hours per day
  • Hands-on and interactive
  • Reflection about personal life and professional life
  • Creation of a deep sense of team

Course Objectives

  • Create an enhanced environment in which your team experiences better results and more fulfillment
  • Create a new relationship with one another and a deeper bond as a team
  • Give new communication tools to enable more effective teaming
  • Help align your team behind a common vision

We want to cause a disruption in the way your team thinks, listens, and speaks in order to unlock their true potential — both personally and professionally.

Bob Gutermuth

Course Instructor

What people are saying about this workshop

I echo my colleagues’ thank you from last week for the tremendous, powerful, truly life-changing workshop. You accomplished your very aspirational goal of providing us with tools and a workshop we will never forget. Sharing a common language and using your techniques will be so powerful for our broader!

Sr. Partner

Ernst & Young

A genuinely insightful and inspiring workshop. I’ve never experienced anything like it in a corporate context (or any other for that matter). I hope you are sharing this widely as the business world really needs this knowledge!

Director of Operations

Dell EMC

I am doing my best to keep everything we covered together live and fresh in my mind, including telling my family and other team members about it. I have caught myself not wearing my golden ears on a few occasions, but I’m sure with practice it will get easier. I feel more energized about the work we have to do to gather and am excited about the possibilities.

Director, Global Markets

Strategy & Analysis

The five fundamentals of a Championship Team will transform your work environment and personal life if you take action with them. No question about it!

Chris Mitchener

Director, Eli Lilly

I’ve been to a lot of trainings, but Dialog’s Champions Workshop is definitely the most impactful. What I learned can be applied to both my professional and personal life. Highly recommend this workshop to help teams understand how to work together better!
Angela James

Global Campaign Manager, Dell EMC

I have found the techniques to be incredibly beneficial, helping to make interactions lighter and more positive. People certainly do respond well when you are looking for the best in them, really listening to what they have to say, and not putting them in “boxes.”

Sr. Director, Strategy

Ernst & Young

The five fundamentals of a Championship Team will transform your work environment and personal life if you take action with them. No question about it!
Mark Kryah

Division COO, Eli Lily

Course Components

Transformational Thinking

By understanding how the process in which thinking works, we can transform our thoughts in powerful ways.

Deep Listening

Deep listening creates connection, change lives, and give others a sense of purpose and meaning.

Creative Speaking

Creative speaking goes beyond using words to convey a message. It is a generative act that creates understanding and deepens relationships.

Resolving Disruptions

It is critical to transform breakdowns into breakthroughs so that teams can learn from upsets and move on, stronger than before.

Shared Vision

Deep purpose comes from creating a meaningful vision and living inside it.

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